Porch Remodeling Ideas for Chicago – Ultimate Guide

11/10/2017, by PMPC Team

Porch Renovation Ideas for Chicago – Ultimate Guide The porch is one of the trickiest places to renovate for good…

Cost of Gutting a House and Remodeling in Chicago: A Professional Analysis

05/09/2017, by PMPC Team

 The Cost Of Renovation Analyzed More likely than not, your renovation endeavors are hindered by your ability to fund your…

Renovating With Professionals – Masonry Services in Chicago

21/08/2017, by PMPC Team

Renovating With Professionals – Masonry Services in Chicago Hiring masons and builders are the only way to proceed if your…

Basement Remodeling Ideas

25/07/2017, by PMPC Team

Basement Renovation and Remodel Ideas for Chicago The basement is all but habitable. You are thinking of renovating but you…

27 Split Level Exterior Remodel Ideas For Chicago

21/06/2017, by PMPC Team

If you are planning to, have already started or just curious about remodeling the exterior of your home, these 100+…

Is it cheaper to knock down and rebuild or renovate your house?

10/06/2017, by PMPC Team

Renovating versus Rebuilding: A Complete Guide Renovating Refurbishing (or renovating) is one of the most exciting ways to renovate. It’s…

Violation Alert: A Comprehensive Guide of the Chicago Building Code

30/05/2017, by PMPC Team

What Is The Chicago Building Code? The Chicago Municipal Council developed the Chicago Building Code in partnership with the American…

40 Smart, Interesting And Innovative Home Improvement And Renovation Ideas

20/05/2017, by PMPC Team

While lifestyle and comfort go hand in hand, space utility and limitations are also as important while remodeling your home….

PMPC Architects: Green Architecture and Environmental Friendly Construction

10/05/2017, by PMPC Team

Green Architecture Home Improvement Guide for Chicago Green architecture also known as sustainable building simply means applying environmental-friendly construction, operations,…

Exterior Paint Ideas For Homes in Chicago

09/04/2017, by PMPC Team

The Most Popular Color Shades For Home Exterior Painting You probably already have an idea of a color scheme for…

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