While lifestyle and comfort go hand in hand, space utility and limitations are also as important while remodeling your home. Technology and innovation are changing the way we build, furnish and renovate our homes. With that in mind, here’s the smartest, most interesting and innovative home improvement ideas.

Technology and innovation are revolutionizing home improvement. There is no telling what will be reinvented or redeveloped next. With the rise of the cost of living, space becomes valuable, not unless you live in Glenview or Kenilworth with 20,000 square foot of living space.

Here are 40 Smart, Interesting and Innovative Home Renovation Ideas

(With Pictures)

1. Smart Bedroom Remodeling Ideas For Small Rooms

When space is the limitation, innovation is your closest friend. You will need to make the most of the little spaces that are otherwise left unaccounted for. Raising your bed above ground creates space beneath and utilizes the already existing above.

Bedroom Furniture remodeling

There’s so much you can do with 30 sq ft of floor space

2. Maximize your living space with space-saving furniture

This is a great idea for studio apartments and lofts in the city. You can save up to 400 square foot of living space with this smart renovation idea.

Living room remodeling

Who says you need more than one room for all your furniture?

3. Convertible furniture

Convertible furniture comes in handy when you have the need for an extra bed for those who choose to sleep over. Sofa by day and bed by night. This is perfect for one bedroom apartments where every inch of living space is valuable.

These amazing furniture ideas save a lot on living space

4. Balcony renovation ideas

You can free up some space on the inside and utilize the balcony area instead. While shopping for furniture, make sure you get all-weather furniture for your balcony as well as the roof top area.

Balcony renovation

Transform your apartment’s balcony area to a relaxation point for tranquility and peace

5. Backyard renovation ideas

If your backyard area is not that spacious, you can try and use transformable chairs. they save on space and are easier to set up. All weather furniture is always available.

These simple but highly effective ideas utilize the limited backyard area space

6. Do It Yourself Jacuzzi ideas

DIY Jacuzzi is a great idea for a home project. They are becoming even more affordable by the day. Alot of innovation has gone into making Jacuzzi installation affordable and available no matter the size of your home.

Jcuzzi installation

Easily install your own Jacuzzi at your back yard

7. Ceiling Renovation Ideas

You can create space almost everywhere, you just need an innovative mind and will to renovate the smart way. This is where professional advise comes in handy. While looking for storage space, your architect can advise you on where you can redesign  create more storage space.

Some books are just to valuable to dispose of. Turn your basement’s ceiling to a bookshelf

8. Cheap Wooden Sheds Renovation Ideas

Cheap wooden sheds create that extra storage space for things you don’t need lying around in the house. While wood is becoming even the more rare by the day, there has never been a better time to invest in lumber construction. Lumber is cheap to build with and very easy to renovate, repair and maintain. It is also warmer than concrete.

Timber sheds

Got extra space in your back yard? These cheap and easy to build timber sheds will provide shelter or storage space


9. Swimming Pool Area Renovation Ideas

Your swimming pool area bears so much potential, only if you know what to do with it. The swimming pool area is perfect for hosting guests, relaxing or partying with friends and family. While considering renovating your swimming pool area, your architect or designer should advise you on how to maximize your resources and space.

There is a lot you can do with your swimming pool area

10. Cheap Container Homes Renovation Ideas

No longer are containers considered storage and transportation mediums. The space has been deemed enough for homes. Engineering and architecture has come a long way in developing alternative homes. Container homes are gaining traction in the industry. You can even make your home mobile, since it’s a container, right? Let’s hold that thought… Moving on!

Cntainer homes

Container homes are a thing now. They are cheap, reasonably spacious and easy to renovate and remodel

11. Cheap Iron-Sheet Homes

These houses are perhaps the most ideal country homes. They do not need a foundation, are solar powered and made of iron; very easy to renovate. Need I mention they are cheap too?

Homes on wheels

Solar powered homes on wheels provide a home away from home

12. Outdoor Stars Installation and Renovation

Sometimes getting into the house through the front door is not always that easy. You can make minor adjustments to the way you move in between rooms in your home. Outdoor spiraling staircases can be installed as emergency exits or just alternative routes.

Split-level homes need more than one access routes

13. Sliding Garage Door Installation and Renovation

Garage doors should have ”sub-doors” when you are entering your garage on foot.

Alternative garage door

Conveniently operate your garage door without extra muscle with innovative garage door alternatives

14. Smart Fireplace Area Renovation and Installation

If the fireplace is that important to you, then there are some nifty ideas architects and designers have come up with. As technology and renovation redefines the way we design our living space, the fireplace cannot be left out during this transformation.

alternative fireplaces

If you like fireplaces, you will love what your remodeler has in store

15. Suspended Bed In Living Area Renovation

Space and more space. If you live in the city especially, you need this. While renovating your small living space, it is always idealistic to consult home renovation experts to know what your options are.

suspended beds

Suspended beds are a great way to maximize living room space for small apartments


16. Garage Space Renovation Ideas

If you are not that keen on keeping things hung or organized in the garage, there are options for you, example these retractable roll-out shelves.

garage space utility

Organize your garage area with innovative space utility shelves


17. Garage Renovation and Space Creation

This is not a wallpaper, you can actually stack your cars in the garage, if you have that many.

Nifty garage storage ideas

Never park any of your cars on the street

18. Cheap And Transformable Sheds

More ideas for sheds. Combining innovation, technology and the goodness of mother nature could be your one way ticket to convenience and smart saving.

shed ideas

Nifty siding ideas for your shed

19. Pre-assembled Roofing Ideas

If you need things built faster, and you hate lengthy construction work you can get them pre-assembled. Then you can ship to your location. Roofing has come a long way and no longer are iron sheets the only way to roof.

preassembled roofing

Pre-assembled roofs are an innovative way to save on construction time

20. Garden Shed Renovation

The garden shed is one of the best places to store away what you do not use regularly. With the advent of renovation ideas, you can transform your shed to anything you want. The one below, for example is was a shed some time ago. It is now a peaceful area where the owner can have some quiet and alone time.

Innovative shed renovation

Create your little peace of heaven at the back of the main house

21. House On Wheels

If you travel and choose to take the whole, or part of your home with you, you will need all the space and innovation possible.

House on wheels remodeling

Renovate your house on wheels and take advantage of nifty makeover ideas

22. Backyard Relaxation Area Renovation

There are hundreds of ideas for your backyard, and you don’t need a pool area to wow your friends

Garden living

Turn your garden are into a serene and beautiful relaxation area

23. Barbecue Area Renovation and Installation

Always be ready for the holidays with improved barbecue areas, modified for convenience, comfort and style.

backyard kitchen

A kitchen area in your back yard


24. Home Courtyard Renovation

Open plan courtyards are a thing now. Ever wondered the best place to host friends and relax ith family over drinks and what not? Make use of the space in the backyard by installing or renovating the courtyard area.

backyard renovation

Your back yard should complement your style of living

25. Kids’ Bedroom Renovation Ideas

Who says you need a bedroom for each little one? You can work with what you have and come up with something for everyone.

decked beds

One room fits all! Maximize your kids’ bedroom space with double or triple-decked beds

26. Bedroom Furniture Renovation

smart renovation beds

Rethink bedroom furniture with smart renovation ideas


27. Kids Play Area Renovation and Installation

Play-dates for the little ones are a great way to keep your kids occupied while you do important things. It is even better if the play area is within your watch.

kids playground

Remodeling and renovation ideas for your little ones

28. Smart Kitchen Renovation and Space Utilization

Check out these kitchen renovation ideas, featuring retractable working stations, roll-out cabinets and space-saving furniture.

smart kitchen

Retractable kitchen fittings are a great way to maximize your kitchen space

29. Pre-assembled Backyard Installation

Backyard renovation

Awe-inspiring backyard renovation ideas

30. Sauna Remodeling and Installation Ideas

Sauna renovation

Ever fancied your own sauna? Get to know your options

31. Innovative Space-conscious Shower Remodeling and Installation

Your studio apartment needs one of these transformable showers.

Shower options

Shower options for your studio apartment or loft

32. Spiraling Staircase Installation and Renovation

Spitaling staircase

Wooden spiraling staircase add beauty and sophistication to your house

33. Loft Remodeling And Renovation

Suspended beds

Your small living area can be as big as you want it to be


34. Attic Renovation and Remodeling

The attic, if not used for storage can be an extra room, if you need one. You might be amazed by how much space there is up there.

attic renovation

Turn your attic into an extra room with smart renovation ideas

35. Basement Remodeling And Renovation

It might be costly to redo a whole basement, but once it’s done, you will not regret a penny. There are so many things you can do with a basement. Home cinema, gaming room, gym, wine cellar, bomb shelters, bunkers, etc. you never know…moving on swiftly

basement remodeling

Got room below ground level? Renovate it the best way possible with the right remodeling experts


36. Staircase Space Utilization Ideas

Who knew the space beneath the staircase is big enough for a whole toilet! Well, I did and maybe it is, just get in touch with a home improvement professional to find out.

extra toilet

The space beneath the staircase can use a bit of facelift. Why not add a toilet If you don’t already have one

37. Lighting Renovation and Remodeling Ideas

Absolutely nothing beats concealed ceiling lights. It might be tricky to replace the bulbs but that’s a thought for another day. Now, all you need to think about is make your home more beautiful than ever.

lighting ideas

Make your living space come alive with these smart and cool lighting ideas

38. Studio Apartment Renovation and Remodeling


cool renovation

Maximize your living area space with cool and luxurious renovation ideas


39. Backyard Cottages Installation and Renovation


renovated patios

Create a serene relaxing point at the backyard with renovated patio ideas

40. Pre-assembled Homes

Pre-assembled homes are by far the easiest and quickest ways to build. They are cheaper too as they require fewer labor hours. Thanks to innovation and technology, you can now build a home within a week.

innovative preassembled renovation ideas

Pre assembled homes are here with us, get to know your options

Top Trending In Home Improvement And Renovation

What’s trending? Analyses from top designers

Matte Appliances

Smart home renovation ideas

Matte Appliances

There is nothing wrong with making your kitchen all-white. However what’s currently trending is matte. An alternative to aluminum, matte brings out the shine in your kitchen, you will forget stains and muffs around the kitchen and they are very easy to clean.



Marble Home Decor

smart innovative home improvement

Marble as an alternative to ceramic

One of the most liked home improvement ideas on Pinterest revolves around marble. The kitchen, bathroom, and fireplace can use a marble touch.  Marble is shinier than glass and ceramic, making it even the more desirable. Anything that was once ceramic including sinks, the bath tub, wall dividers for the bathroom and toilet could use marble. Choose a theme you can work wit as there are a variety of designs and colors you can work with.

Refined Wood

smart innovative interesting home renovation

Coffee table made of refined wood

smart interesting home improvement ideas

Furniture and Flooring from refined wood

Gone are the days when we used to upgrade from wood furniture to leather or ceramic, wood is making a comeback and it is huge. From carved tables to polished wooden floors, wood, especially hard wood and rare types of wood are becoming even the more popular. Blackwood, mahogany, afrormosia, amazon rosewood, marple tree among others are some of the rare exotic woods that are making a huge comeback, when it comes to home remodeling.

Tiles Decor

smart home improvement and renovation ideas

Beautiful wall tiles

Exposed brick is a classic. With technology and innovation, you do not have to have actual brick walls to mimic exposed brick. These new tiles resemble actual brick, which is European. Subway tiles are an alternative to this and boy don’t they look surreal! Tiling has come a long way over the past century, and with the need for more awesome decor ideas, tiles are paving way for the future.

Smart Homes

smart renovation home improvement ideas

Smart homes are the future

Forget automatic garage doors, smart homes are new trends that are slowly turning our houses into gizmo havens. Your smoke detector, home security system, fireplace, lights, thermostat, infotainment system and even drapes can be automatically operated from your smartphone.

And Finally

Before starting a home improvement project, you need as many ideas as possible. The right professionals can guide you through your options. Home improvement should be fun, productive and timely, and at PMPC we do just that.


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