The Most Popular Color Shades For Home Exterior Painting

You probably already have an idea of a color scheme for the exterior of your home. You have not yet settled on one, and that is why you are here. Anything that makes up the interior of your house will play a part in the final look. the roofing, windows, landscape color and plantation will contribute to the overall look of the home.

There are hundreds of places you can draw inspiration from. Here’s a guide on how to make the exterior of your home inviting and beautiful, no matter your budget options.

Color Scheme Ideas

Blue can be a great color scheme for houses near blue water bodies and areas with clear skylines.

Shades of Green Paint Ideas

Green color schemes work well for areas with a climate that can sustain green plantation and landscapes










Water Or Solvent – What Is The Ideal Exterior Paint Type?

Painting is the country’s leading home improvement and renovation project. That said, if you have any kind of experience with paint you know that there are a variety of paint types to choose from. We shall consider three basic types of paints. There is paint that requires water and one that requires an industrial solvent in this case oil. The third form is latex. While the two will get the job done if applied correctly, they do not bear the same ramifications.

Here’s what to expect with water-based paint

home exterior repaint ideas

Water-based paint is cheaper and more affordable

  • Water-based paint contains a lower VOC (volatile organic content). This means it has a lower impact on the environment.
  • The odor from wet paint is very low
  • Very durable in the long run
  • It is Non-flammable thus suitable for areas with flammable substances
  • Disposal does not have damaging effects to the environment



If you choose oil-based paint, here’s what to expect

exterior paint ideas

Oil based paint is shinier but the odor will linger for longer

  • It is very durable
  • The odor will linger for longer than water-based
  • It is not ideal for areas with naked flames
  • It creates easier to clean surfaces
  • It comes highly recommended for country homes and muddy surroundings
  • If you require high gloss finishes, go for oil-based paint



Latex also has its own ups and downs

exterior paint ideas

Latex might be expensive but very attractive and close to odorless

  • Easier to handle while doing the paint job on your own
  • Dries quicker than oil-based paint
  • The odor does not linger for long
  • The coating is smoother and shinier than water-based but similar to oil-based
  • It is one of the more expensive options
  • It is the least durable of the three



What’s The Right Paint For My Exterior Siding?

It is important to keep in mind that there is simply no economizing when it comes to painting. Just get the best quality your pockets can accommodate. Paint is not cheap, you would want to invest wisely and pick the right paint for the job. Not every paint is ideal for any siding. If you are not sure, it would be better to consult painting experts.

Vinyl Siding

Oil-based paint or latex will do for vinyl siding. Vinyl has the potential for shine and you can experiment with different colors. Water-based paint would work for dry areas but to be safe just go for oil or latex.

Wood Siding

Definitely latex. Latex is popular with furniture as it tends to blend better with wood. Oil could also work, as it provides an extra layer of protection against adverse weathr, but the flammability issue comes to play.

Cement Siding

Cement is very user friendly. It is far much cost-effective to use water-based paint, but dirt and adverse weather conditions could damage your paint work in the long run. The best paint is oil-based. You will only need to use industrial solvents to clean the surface. You will also get that desirable glossy finish. Latex does not blend well with cement but it is an option too when it comes to window frames and the gutter area.

Red Color Remodel Ideas

If you live in areas that experience the marvel of the sun, especially the sunset, red is the way to go

Shades of brown

Mustard yellow, brown and honey are great color schemes for arid and dry areas that experience sun and cloud in equal measure.

White is best for mountainsides and snowy areas. Countrysides are the worst areas to paint white.

Insider Secrets on How to Choose Exterior Colors

The colors on the walls of your home represent the theme of the house. Perhaps the most complex of choices while doing a home makeover is choosing the colors. The inside of the house, as well as the outside, should bring out the real beauty of the house. Combining colors is also key, as you run the risk of painting either ridiculously uncanny color combinations or dazzling and eye-catchy works of art.

So, how do you the right exterior color for your home? Here’s an insider guide on how to do exactly that.

  1. Make use of your surrounding

Beaches, tropical areas, and mountainsides can be a great inspiration for determining the theme color of your home. For beach houses, country homes and the suburbia, for example, drawing inspiration from the fauna surrounding your home can make your home stand out. Mountain houses can draw cues from the snow. Even the color of the landscape and the soil can give you clues as to what color is most suitable for your home.

  1. Research and Consult

Most home builders already have an idea of the color scheme they are going to use even before they but the house. However, as time goes by the need to change the look, in this case, remodeling brings in the need to replace the color scheme completely. Before you settle on a particular color, consult a professional for advice on what color will work for you. Depending on the type of architecture your home is built by, the right color scheme can bring out the true marvel and beauty of your home.

  1. Factor in Weather and Climate

Bright colors are ideal for hot and warm areas as these colors reflect sunlight, erasing warm weather adversity. Darker colors like brown and darker shades of green and blue, for example, are ideal if you experience more cold weather than hot throughout the year. That is why beach houses are usually white-themed, as houses that bathe in the sun need colors that reflect sunlight.

  1. Consider the Door Color Also

When thinking of the house’s exterior color, we tend to neglect the doors. Same case for the inside. Did you know that the door can be the difference between a perfect color combination and a botched paint job?  More likely than not, the color of the front door will determine the color of the window frames. This can provide pointers as to what color scheme you can work with ultimately for the entire house’s exterior.

  1. Do Not Overthink and Don’t Forget To Have Fun

Have a good time while shuffling the paint catalog and do not attach too much thought into it. The problem with overthinking is that you might waste valuable time jumping through mental hoops and end up not satisfied with what you chose. It can be painfully expensive both mentally and financially if you end up being dissatisfied with the result.

And finally

The exterior of your house is like your wardrobe, only this time you cannot change it every day. While settling on a color scheme for your home, the more you know the better. With the right professionals, you can save time and get the most out of your home’s exterior painting. Ultimately, you should be at peace with what you choose as the theme set of your house’s exterior.

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