Top 53 Female Home Improvement Bloggers

If you are looking for amazing home improvement ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the 53 best home improvement blogs online.

As you know there is no shortage of high-quality home improvement blogs on the web. But we residential architects voted and decided to separate the wheat from the chaff and give you the absolute cream of the crop.

Whether you want to splurge on a luxury home improvement project or you want to do it within budget, these home improvement blogs have the tips and techniques you need to get most out of your investment.


1. Remodelaholic

Cassity is a creative blogger and home improvement expert. Remodelaholic features both her own work and submissions from other users around the web. She showcases her past and ongoing projects while setting up tutorials and videos about various home improvement projects. Remodelaholic is one famous blog with over half a million followers on social media to date. There’s no stopping Cassity, and she reveals in genuine, simple and easy to follow DIY home improvement ideas.

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2. IKEA Hackers

Jules Yap started IKEA Hackers it is all about modifying, repurposing, and customization of IKEA products. From thousands of hacks available from across the globe, one can find many things to inspire him/her. Found something at IKEA and you’d want to incorporate it into your home and you just don’t know how? The blog has numerous ways you can adjust the items to perfectly suit your home. The website also has some pretty nifty ideas on how to make every inch of space count in your home.

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3. Ana White

When it comes to experience, Ana White tops the list. Ana White fell in love with home improvement projects and started her blog in 2009. Her articles are impressive but what tops the list is her home. She and her husband entirely built it from scratch! With so much experience comes a rare wealth of knowledge that can easily transform any house into a wonderful and warm home. She shares her videos on Youtube and you can watch every exciting episode on her vlog channel.

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4.Design Sponge

Grace Bonney, an amazing home improvement blogger, focuses on making the creative art and design space personal. Having pioneered the house improvement blogging industry, Design Sponge offers you latest and innovative home improvement trends that will change your home entirely. It could be just a simple home improvement project or a comprehensive gutting and putting back together, but her ideas always come in handy when looking for design inspiration and renovation.

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5. Nesting Place

Myquillyn shares creative decorating ideas for your home on her blog Nesting Place. She shares creative decorating ideas for your home. Myquillyn believes that it does not need to be perfect to be beautiful. She refers her blog as the place of how you think about your home and not a DIY blog. She is one of the few bloggers around with carefully mastered blog posts and home improvement ideas that work for almost any other home design. She is always updating her blog with new information and it clearly pays off to be one of her loyal fans.

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6. Funky Junk Interiors

Donna’s blog has an inspiring story of how she started to furnish her home from scratch. She now uses her blog to share unique awe-inspiring and lavish but affordable creations. She is clearly passionate about the work she does and is always at the forefront of pretty amazing and futuristic projects. Her blog features genuine and unique ideas for home improvement and decor. She is clearly good at what she does and you’ll always find something new.

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7. Refresh Restyle

Debbie at Refresh & Restyle will help you revamp and restore your home and leave it daisy fresh! Her blog features original and unique work of all sorts of design, décor and craft projects. Refresh Restyle posts are always inspiring and you can’t miss something that will tickle your fancy. We love good reads and hers are always amazing blogging and reads on new styles and home improvement ideas. We love what she does and her massive social media following is always buzzing with activity.

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8. Decor8

This is among the very first blogs founded by Holly Becker. She is one of the top-selling authors and her blog Decor8 comes with a variety of educative topics that gives brilliant ideas on décor, lifestyle, and travel. A blog inspires readers and provides information at the same time. There’s always something new and being a published author you can bet the ideas and features on the website will make you go back for more. She is enthusiastic about doing things right and it’s not hard to see why.

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9. Shanty 2 Chic

Ashley & Whitney are DIY queens, on a mission to create beautiful and affordable furniture, turning houses into homes. Their blog Shanty 2 Chic is an inspiring blog that will give you amazing and beautiful home improvement ideas. They’ve mastered the craft of making the simplest ideas come to life in the most amazing of ways and the blog proves it all. They love renovation and creating beautiful homes is part of their long-term plans. They couldn’t be any more inspiring.  

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10. Habitually Chic

 Heather developed an interest in art as she has spent all her life paying visits to museums, watching style with Elsa etc. She is a passionate interior designer whose obsession is in fashion. The photos on her blog Habitually Chic are inspiring and could make you get jealous of lovely homes. At the end of the day, you want an informative blog with content you can use and Habitually Chic has enough to keep your project beautiful from start to finish.

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11. Retro Renovation

Retro Renovation is a perfect blog for those into retro and vintage designs. Retro Renovation helps you remodel your house and gives you the vintage touch that you desire. Your home will turn into a time capsule and will be a blast from the past. Her section ‘Pam’s Kitchen’’ is by far one of the most beautiful works of art featured on the website and a few moments on her website can prove all the while worthy.

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12. DIY Show Off

Home improvement blogsDIY Show Off is a showcase of home improvement ideas on a budget by Roeshel. In her DIY Showoff features before and after home improvement, archives, and designs. People can also create their galleries and make new friends who share a common purpose in home improvement as you. What we love about her blog is the detail and the tutorials that are always pleasing to any decor enthusiast.


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13. Pretty Handy Girl

home improvement blogsPretty Handy Girl is a blog by Brittany. She is a licensed general contractor, artist, graphic designer, web designer, photographer. Brittany encourages new DIYers; especially ladies take on home improvement projects by posting detailed tutorials and guides. Her hands-on approach makes her home improvement blog one of the best out there and we love the fact that she is always up to date with the latest trends.

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14. Home Stories A to Z

Beth hunter hunts for beautiful homes just as her name suggests. Home stories AtoZ blog provides information on DIY projects, molding, decorating that are affordable and elegant. She creates beauty out of confusion or chaos and shares her home improvement stories with you. Her stories are all about home makeovers, installation guides, how to’s and features about amazing pieces of art that we call home. If you want to remodel the cost-effective way she is probably your best bet.

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15. Vintage Revivals

home improvement blogsAs the name suggests, vintage revivals is all about home makeover and renovation. Mandi has documented every single project and will continue to do so to the finest of details. She is also doing video series with home depot. The blog is all about making old things shine again and breathing life into superb works of art. Following her posts means getting expert insight on how to bring back the old style and culture.

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16. Bless’er House

Lauren is a wife, mother, dog person and a self-confessed lover of all things eclectic cottage. She shares home improvement ideas, nifty DIY projects and everything amazing that interests her or comes to mind. You’ll always find creative ideas and inspirational posts on her blog. She combines a happy family life with her home improvement and design ideas to come up with an amazing blog. There’s no stopping Lauren any time soon and you can always find something new updated weekly on her blog.

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17. Furniture Makeovers | Centsational Style

home improvement blogsCentsational Style by Kate is your one-stop shop for DIY Projects, innovative designs, décor and home improvement ideas. Kate focuses a lot on inspiring designs, innovative home improvement projects and creative Do It Yourself projects. She is also a travel enthusiast and uses her time on the road to come up with pretty interesting ideas and features. Her blog is all about her stories and expertise. With over 51k followers on social media, you can bet she leaves nothing to chance with her posts and ideas.

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18. Sawdust Girl

home improvement blogsPassionate home remodeling expert and experienced carpenter Sandra does a beautiful job sharing her projects and works on her blog Sawdust Girl. She is always spot on while demonstrating and sharing her projects and work. She loves making timber look great and is always bursting with new ideas on how to make every inch of every house or home improvement project count.


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20. The House of Smiths

A blog by Shelley Smith that entails a lot of do it yourself and crafts tutorials to guide you on home décor and designing. The House of Smiths is based on what she loves and normally leaves readers inspired and better than how they were before they read it. She shares inspirational design ideas and nifty ways to make any home stand out. There’s always something new to discover on her blog.


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21. DesignerTrapped

Creative DIY blogger Tasha is a home improvement and décor enthusiast who loves helping out people with home design ideas, inspiration and projects. The North-Carolina hobbyist and former lawyer has been blogging about home improvement for two years now and continues to assist homeowners design and build their perfect dream home. What makes her blog unique is added focus on cheap but stylish home improvement ideas. Her followers on social media couldn’t agree more.

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22. Simply The Nest

Alice, a blogger married to Portuguese blogs about her life in South Manchester. She gives a real-life story of the adventures of renovating their old Victorian house, which was built in the year 1875 to its original look. She shares her renovation tips and processes that would be beneficial to other people undergoing the same process. The blogger and home improvement enthusiast updates her blog several times a month and looking back at where it all started, the journey is proving worthwhile so far.

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23. View Along The Way

If you love experimenting and trial and error, then Kelly’s View Along The Way is the blog to visit. This blog adds the fun to home improvement and is one journey you will love. In the projects section, you can find a lot of creative home improvement ideas that will not cost much. Kelly’s approach while putting pen on paper is fun and interactive while remaining informative and futuristic. She is always looking for new ideas and features that make her blog one of a kind.

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24. Heather Bates

Heather Bates includes amazing interior design ideas along with reviews of designers, architects, and contractors. Upcoming designers are covered too with the posts of their talented work of design and decor. Little adjustments to your home can be life-changing and she shares all about that on her blog. She emphasizes on making space count around your home and everything home improvement and decor.

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25. The Kitchen Designer

Susan Serra shares her amazing creative ideas on kitchen design on her blog The Kitchen Designer. Their primary focus is on kitchen space and on the different ways on how to design and improve it. The blog gives us a look into emerging trends and designs and focuses the process of kitchen design. Susan clearly knows a lot about home improvement and she is always at the heart of some pretty nifty decor ideas, designs and home improvement ideas.

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26. Dans le Lakehouse

home improvement blogsTanya is a self-confessed home improvement addict with works ranging from home décor, thrifting, design, and crafting. She is now entirely focused on renovation, DIY and home improvement. Her latest project is the new lakefront bungalow she is doing with her husband. The posts are all about making room for creativity and adding value to space. She and her husband are in the process of making a masterpiece and if you are not present for the final outcome you’ll miss out on some amazing pieces of work.

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27. Little Green Notebook

home improvement blogsJenny Komenda is an amazing interior designer. Her work has been featured on many sites and publications ranging from House Beautiful and HGTV to Vogue and the Wall Street Journal. She was named as a designer to watch by Elle Decor and as the reigning queen of DIY by Better Homes and Gardens. The Phoenix-based designer shares her ideas, projects, and products on their blog Little Green Notebook. She has a massive and apt social media following. Her beautiful and well-organized blog is always flowing with ideas you can use to spruce up home living and decor.

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28. Decorology

Ashley, the owner of Decorology, is a creative web designer by profession. Her blog is about innovative interior design and decorating all through the day and by night. She shares impressive ideas on home improvement and shares her projects to the finest of details. Her blog Decorology brings to life dead-end projects. She is always sprouting with ideas about decor and home improvement. Her nifty ideas and continued consistency are what set her blog apart from others.

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29. DIY Huntress

Sam is a psychologist who specializes in woodworking and home improvement projects. Anyone looking for an affordable and pocket-friendly way to improve your home, DIY Huntress is your blog. With simple and amazing DIY and home improvement ideas, DIY Huntress has become the home of many DIYers. Her blog is all about looking for ideas about DIY designs and using her creativity and experience to come up with amazing project ideas that cut across most houses and room designs.

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30. Simply Grove

For those people whose interests rest on homes makeovers, Kirsten always has something new for you. Her design and décor blog provides all the information that you may need to better your home. From home projects to furniture projects, Kirsten has done the designing and styling for clients all over the globe. You can always feel the groove in her posts and is always happy to help people in need of home improvement ideas, however simple or complicated they might sound.

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31. House Tweaking

House Tweaking founded by Dana Miller where she posts her adventures with her family as they renovate an old ranch that they bought and moved into. Dana is great in photography which makes her posts that much more interesting. The photos well demonstrate her ability to make things outstanding and remarkable and make it easy for the reader to follow.


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32. Delightfully Tacky

There is nothing tacky about Delightfully Tacky. In her amazing blog  Liz focuses on home décor and DIY plans and projects that will blow your mind away. Their ideas are simple, stylish and don’t stretch your budget. Delightfully Tacky is delightfully amazing, and she will always show you how to bring out delight to your home without the need of breaking the bank. She is clearly well vast and experienced in the industry and is well accustomed to sharing what works for everyone.

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33. AM Colce Vita

This is a décor focused blog by Michelle a creative interior designer and a passionate decorator. The blog Am Chloe Vita focuses on how to renovate and to redesign custom-built houses. You are sure of getting the most out of this blogger as she does design blogging as her hobby. She is passionate about style, decor and finding new and inspiring ideas with her other passion, travel. Her social media presence is ever expanding and it’s not hard to know why.

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34. Dream Green DIY

home improvement blogsDream Green DIY blogger Carrie Waller focuses a lot on new trends in home design and décor. She reclaims what most would cast aside as waste and creates some of the best items displayed in some of the most beautiful homes in the country. She most certainly dreams green as the has an amazing collection of eco-friendly ideas and green home improvement features in the multiple posts she has. Her 4k followers on social media can attest to this.

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35. The Ugly Duckling House

Home Improvement BlogsSarah is an Amazing DIY enthusiast with over seven years’ experience in home improvement. She continuously updates The Ugly Duckling House with a “running log of knowledge’’ and shares her DIY experiences there. She makes her blog posts simple enough to follow. She makes home improvement fun. Her humorous personality is perhaps what makes her popular on social media. Her blog features home improvement tips, renovation realities and tutorials.

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36. The Peak of Chic

home improvementJennifer is one of the awards winning bloggers on design. She thinks about stylish living all through the blog. She writes on topics that are helpful in design, fabrics, and furniture. This blog insists on how house improvement is the key and how decorating is enjoyable. Jennifer clearly knows her trade and she crafts that perfectly on her blog. Her informative style of blogging is always fun and helpful to read, and her fans couldn’t agree more.

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37. Brooklyn Limestone

Stefanie started Brooklyn Limestone by posting the systematic experience of how they renovated their old home in Brooklyn, NY. The blog has been growing and currently has information and posts about renovating and do it yourself projects. She loves home improvement and making simple things amazing. She uses her hands-on knowledge to put inspirational ideas into resourceful words all through her blog.

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38. Rambling Renovators

Jen is a DIYer and a creative home improvement expert. Rambling Renovators is all about renovation, interior design, room-by-tom how-to guides and nifty ideas on how to make the most out limited space. She has been in the business for more than a decade and knows a lot when it comes to home improvement and decor. Her blog is well crafted and creative. She has well classified her work and it’s easy to find anything you are looking for fast.

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39. Fix It Chick

A talented painter and decorator at a very young age. She is so attentive to detail and tackles a job to the client’s satisfaction. She has been dealing with painting and decoration of houses all the island. TheFixItChick gives you information on how you decorate your home, design it, do it yourself projects and other ideas for home improvement. Her posts are usually about fixing and improving different rooms of the house, with a central focus on making things stand out.

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40. DIY Diva

Kit is an excellent DIY expert she is all about gutting down houses and putting them back together. The home improvement expert and an experienced farmer can show you how it’s done through her DIY Diva blog with inspirational ideas, décor and renovation tips. The self-admitted power tool junkie never keeps awesome home improvement ideas to herself. She is one creative diva and people on social media couldn’t agree more. Her blog is very detailed and super awesome for anyone in need of helpful DIY tips and tricks.

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41. Home Jelly

Skaie Knox is an award-winning, published writer, editorialist and DIY expert. After visiting her blog Home Jelly for the first time, we felt jealous and amazed at the same time! Home Jelly gives you inspirational home improvement designs and tips that will leave you amused. Their projects are top notch and this is a blog you should visit. There’s always something new to read about every week and the home idea she comes up with are absolutely genius.

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41. Full House

In her blogVivaFullhouse the blogger talks about how to make houses complete from scratch. She covers interior design, decor, set-ups and DIY home improvement projects. What makes her stand out so much is how informative and direct her blog is.

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42. My Old Country House

Lesli loves fixing up old places to become a dream house. Her blog offers efficient advice from fixing falling walls to dealing with house contractors. Do have a look at her innovative makeover projects. Her love for revival has taken her through some amazing pieces and she shares all about her experience on her blog. She is always ready to assist her audience with interactive features and reviews.


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43. Monica Wants It

home improvement blogsMonica is a marvel when it comes to home improvement, DIY, and interior design. Her consistency in blogging over the past seven years has seen her garner a substantial following on social media from home improvement fans, hobbyists, and enthusiasts around the globe. She also shares stories about food, traveling, and photography. Her stories, features and galleries are over the top genuine and informative. She shares her passions in life and is always at the top of her game when it comes to home improvement.

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44. The Lovely Side

This blog is written by a young mind Jessica who posts guides on good home living and home décor, design ideas and projects. You’ll always find new informative features, illustrations and guides on home improvement and renovation, makeovers and design ideas and little pieces of decor that will sweep you off your feet. She is always enthusiastic and her blog is as informative as it is interactive.


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45. Cottage Magpie

Angela’s Cottage Magpie provides fantastic cottage decoration ideas. Do have a look at her interesting home improvement tutorials you will surely get inspirational ideas. Her love for everything shiny is surely something you’ll want to hear about and we love how interactive she is. Her home improvement and makeover blog sets site to wonderful pieces of art that you can always use to spruce up space beneath your roof.

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46. My Own Home Blog

Kristina Barbee started My Own Home Blog as a way to show her amazing creative designs in DIY and home improvement to the world. Her simple, easy and original designs are captivating and pocket-friendly. Her passion for DIY and homes add a special touch to this blog. As the name suggests, she derives inspiration from her own home and the ideas she shares are practical and from a personal point of view. Nevertheless, they are totally awesome and you’ll always want to know more.

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47. It’s Great To Be Home

Liz’s blog is the perfect find for anyone looking to make a total shift. Her wholesome experience in flipping houses is the base of her blog. She has worked in the real estate sector and is in love with DIY and decoration ideas. Her home improvement ideas incorporate years of knowledge and experience gathered from the real estate industry and enclose that same knowledge, passion and hard work into her blog It’s Great To Be Home.

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48. Decor Happy

Vanessa Francis has a unique ability to mix styles, textures and finishes which keep her designs personal, thoughtful and fresh. Her blog Decor Happy provides information on residential interior decorating and design consultations and renovations. Vanessa Francis has a wide range of inspiring ideas about how to better your home and live well. A home should be the place you feel happy to stay! And that’s exactly what she makes you feel on her blog

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49. A Design Story

Professional interior designer Lindsay started A Design Story. Through her blog, she has shared her creative ideas and projects she has worked on in the past. She is an inspiration to many and her contribution to DIY and home improvement are priceless. Her carefully crafted posts on home improvement, decor and general DIY always have something cool and amazing you can try out on your own She is truly a professional DIY expert and home improvement enthusiast and she is always ready to help out through her blog or social media pages.

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50. Your Wild Home

Megan Wild is a millennial home improvement blogger. Are you a new homeowner? Are you looking for ways to decorate that will portray who you are? Your Wild Home has got you covered. This blog allows you to improve your home whether you are on a budget or not. Your Wild Home gives you amazing tips and plans that will suit your plans. Her well-crafted ideas on home improvement, landscaping and home decor are always updated on her blog. You can also subscribe to her newsletter for updates on new posts and features.

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51. The Stylish Nest

Aimee’s blog The Stylish Nest focuses on do it yourself adventure on how you create your home, your garden, and life in general one step at at at a time. Aimee is all about fun home improvement projects and as she puts it, ”its food, fun, and flamingos”. We love her funny and enthusiastic nature and probably that’s why her blog is always fun to read.

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52. Jessica Claire Interiors

Jessica is an interior decorator who owns this blog. She posts her decorating adventures on her blog for readers to follow. Besides décor, she also posts recipes for readers to get some cooking tips and inspiration altogether. She loves decor and if her blog is anything to go by, she is living by her words because the features and pieces are very informative and resourceful.  


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53. DIY Home Staging Tips

Barbara is a home staging expert whose blog advises appropriately on how to stage like an expert. This is an excellent e-book by Barbara that gives you tips on how you can improve your home and how you can sell it faster with budget staging tips. Her hands-on approach is appreciated going by the detailing her blog is fashioned by. You’ll also appreciate the extra work she puts in with downloadable media, pictures and illustrations on her website.

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