Cost of Gutting Down A House

Granted, there are endless combinations of factors you have to consider before gutting down your house. While considering home renovation in Chicago, the costs attributed to it are unique, compared to states with a similar economic system.

In an industry where legislative measures with regard to housing favor builders more than buyers, there are a few considerations you have to make.

What considerations?

You have to consider materials, tasks, trades, permits, professionals; all these while trying to work within a budget. The cost of renovating your home can be as inflated or as shrunk, it all boils down to planning.

How much does it cost to renovate your home?

On average, it would cost anywhere between $5,000 for a low cost remodel  and $25,000 for a high end remodel project. While these costs are the national average, the costs tend to fluctuate with location.

home renovation costs in chicago

Most home owners in Chicago have no idea what it would cost to make renovations.

In Chicago, however, the average would look something close to the following

  • Adding a square footage of space would cost $40,000 on average, with some owners spending as little as $5,000 and others as much as $100,000.
  • Gutting down an interior wall costs $400 on average, depending on what you spend on demolition and removal.
  • Remodeling an area in your home would cost anywhere between $1,500 and $20,000 depending on the amount of work you choose to put in. if you need a new floor, walls, furniture and lighting, the cost could go even higher. All in all, the square footage and materials you use will determine the final cost.

Plumbing, Electrical, Architecture and Structure

If gutting down your walls means disrupting the electrical, plumbing or structure of the house, you will need a qualified professional for each task.


  • Hiring a plumber in Chicago would cost $45-$150 an hour. Alternatively, you can hire a plumber on contract basis, and it would cost up to $300 for the job.
  • A plumber in Chicago will typically bill you by the hour. However, it would be advisable to look for a plumbing service that charges for the job, under a written contract. In fact, if your remodeling is extensive and could go on for several days, get a plumber on contract.


  • It would cost an average $350 to hire an electrician for a standard home renovation project. The cost depends on the job, but on average it shouldn’t be higher than that.
  • Most electricians bill by the hour. It would cost as low as $50 and as high as $100 an hour to get an electrician to join the renovating team.
home renovation costs in chicago

It would cost an average $350 to hire an electrician for a standard home renovation project.

Structural and Architecture

This is the job of an architect or an engineer. It is the most important component of a home renovation project. An architect or a structural engineer typically performs the following functions

  • Ensure safety while knocking down walls
  • Guarantee the structural integrity of the house all through the project
  • Make safety recommendations with regard to the structure of the house
  • Assist with legal paperwork while seeking permits and approval

The best way to find an architect is to consult. At PMPC Architects we offer free consultations, all you have to do is get in touch with us.

How Do I Start Renovating?

home renovation costs in Chicago

Where do you start?

The Five Point Plan to Kick-start a Renovation Process

Step 1: Fund the project: When all is said and done, the only factor that would come in between you and the gutting process would be finances. If you can solve the monetary aspect of the project, you can solve any other problem with relative ease.

Step 2: Schedule the job: scheduling involves knowing when the project will start, how long it will take and when you expect things to return to normal. You can also factor in contingencies including delays, stop work orders, permit delays and failed inspections.

Step 3: Get your initial floor plan ready: a floor plan does not have to be computer generated or a blueprint. You can have a sketch of the rooms included in the renovation. A floor plan also helps you estimate the actual cost of the renovation project.

Step 4: Generate your initial wish list: go room by room listing down everything you would want added or removed. If you require new tiles and fittings for the kitchen, list them down. This is the initial wish list and you should include everything you would want; including what might seem extravagant or ambitious.

Step 5: Consult: this involves contacting a professional to put everything in perspective. A professional will typically answer any questions you might have involving the project. PMPC Architects offer other services including

  • Sourcing documentation and helping solve permit issues
  • Connecting you with qualified suppliers for the best deals on materials and fittings
  • Renovation consultancy, assistance and pointers wherever necessary
  • Commendation on the best way to manage the cost of renovation
Home renovation in Chicago

These combinations of factors are the true cost of gutting down your house.

And Remember

The best renovations aren’t fueled by pots of money or high-minded design ideals, but by common sense, a little creativity and planning. It helps to understand just how much you are prepared to do yourself and how much you need to subcontract. And even if you do plan on hiring professionals every step of the way, a little planning will help you keep schedules and fees on track.

Go on, unleash your creativity, start some planning and have some fun!


Complimentary Consultation 

Let’s talk! We start each project with a conversation so we can better understand your goals and vision. Whether you decide to work with PMPC or not, you will walk away from our conversation with a better understanding of what it will take to bring your design and construction project to fruition.